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Ferrari 458 Italia on Fire

Flaming Ferrari 458 Italia

Following several internet reports of Ferrari’s latest model, the 458 Italia being involved in fires, the Modena based firm have released the following official statment -: “The company is currently investigating the particular incidents in which cars have apparently been involved in a vehicle fire, and it is currently treating these as separate incidents.”

Thankfully no people have been killed or injured in these fires but Ferrari’s acknowledgement of the problem surely indicates that they are worried.

The 458 has been received with critical acclaim and is widely regarded as Ferrari’s greatest achievement for a long time. Let’s hope the bubble isn’t about to burst (into a ball of flames) as it would be a shame for this magnificent car to be tarnished by such a potentially dangerous problem.

By Ben Harrington


Jaguar XJ Platinum Concept in white

Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept

Jaguar has taken the opportunity at Pebble Beach to unveil the Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept, a more muscular, aggressive take on the standard XJ.

As is usual for manufacturers, Jaguar are insistent that the super-saloon is merely a design one-off built to mark the firm’s 75th anniversary. As is also usual, this is far more likely to be a taster of where Jaguar intends to go with a production model, probably the Jaguar XJR.

The XJ75 Platinum Concept is powered by a version of the firm’s 5.0 supercharged V8, tuned to produce 464bhp and 424lb ft of torque. Being a flagship for Jaguar, the engine in any final product is likely to exceed the 503bhp currently on offer in Jaguar’s most potent models.

Visual differences to the standard model include 22-inch brushed effect black alloys, Satin Matte pearlescent white paintwork and front, rear and side sills which add to the overall lower, sportier look.

Some neat highlights have been added to the interior, the most striking being the removable pocket watch style clock made exclusively for the car by British watchmaker Bremont.


In what appears to be a bold step forwards, Vauxhall have announced that all new cars bought from August 2010 will benefit from a lifetime warranty. The warranty initially seems quite comprehensive, covering the engine, brakes, transmission, steering and electrical components. Delve deeper however and you’ll find that the cover only applies to the initial owner of the car and for the first 100,000 miles the car covers. Rumours abound that Vauxhall are looking into a way to offer the remainder of the warranty to second owners, a move which would really demonstrate confidence in the quality of their products.

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