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Somewhere there must be a Harrington family crest and on it there will undoubtedly be a rather cryptic family motto, probably written in Latin. If there isn’t a motto and I was tasked with adding one, it would be likely to read something like ‘Life is nothing without passion’. Driving Torque is my way of combining two of the greatest loves in my life – cars and writing, both of which have captured my imagination since I was old enough to remember.

Away from cars, I’m a very proud husband to my wife – Jacqueline and we both dote on our greatest achievement; our two daughters – Isabella and Amelia who amaze and amuse us every single day.

I’m also very proud to be a whole-time firefighter for Greater Manchester Fire Service, having joined in 2002. I think that my occupation again reflects my outlook on life and my stubborn refusal to live it half-heartedly.

My car CV could be described as somewhat chequered; I’ve owned 25+ at last count, some great, some average and a few absolutely dreadful. I believe that the character of a car far outweighs its financial value and I like to think that I treat any new model as a blank canvas without preconceptions or prejudice.

My other hobbies include cycling and snowboarding, I’m also particularly interested in music and films. In the end though, it always comes down to cars – a subject I never tire of.

Driving Torque can also be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, or if anyone would like to contact me, they can email me at ben.harrington@drivingtorque.com

Thanks for looking at Driving Torque, I hope it educates and amuses in equal measure.

Ben Harrington


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