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The Craggy Island Milk Float

News 10 November 2010

London Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to install 1300 electric car charging points across the capital by 2013.

Johnson said, “Already there are more electric drivers in London than anywhere else in the UK, but we are now entering an incredibly exciting period in electric motoring. Major manufacturers are gearing up to launch more affordable, practical electric cars over the next few years, whilst the cost of traditional fuels are making petrol-free driving an increasingly attractive option.

The project, named Source London was devised earlier this year with a projected 25,000 charging points being in operation by 2015. This shortfall is believed to be due to cost-cutting strategies.

What happens when you run out of electricity though? If one becomes stuck in the notoriously dense London traffic, frantically searching for one of the few charging points that not only made it into production but is also vacant, a fuel warning light could spell disaster. It’s not as if you could grab a jerry can and sprint to the nearest dispensing point to buy a few kilowatts is it?


Audi A1

Is it just me or does the new Audi A1 strike you as, well, just a little bit boring? I promise this is in no way a knee jerk reaction to the recent mauling of the England football team by Germany but the pictures I’ve seen from all angles aren’t exactly exciting. Audi seem proud that the A1 has the look and feel of a shrink wrapped A4 but that’s not exactly screaming charisma is it? When I consider this car’s direct competition i.e. obviously the Mini, the DS3, the Mito or even the relatively far cheaper Fiat 500, what they have in spades is character. Every time I look at a DS3, I notice a subtle design feature I’d previously overlooked. I’m still not bored of the ubiquitous Mini. The Germans rarely get things wrong (see world cup) and I doubt the A1 will flop but in my opinion, small cars should be fun, not simply functional.

By Ben Harrington

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